Squamish Dirtbags Rule
My buddy Travis C cooking dirtbag-style inside the grocery store. Classic!

Squamish Dirtbags Rule

There’s an awesome HARDCORE dirtbag crew in squamish this fall. i mean these are the live-on-forest-road-in-pouring-rain-under-leaky-tarps-rummage-nesters-dumpster-for-old-pizza-shower-at-homeleas-shelter-go-for-night-session-bouldering-in-zero-degrees kind of dirtbags. Not those SOFTY dirtbags who drive south in october in a mercedes sprinter bound for yosemite to climb where its actually WARM :-)

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  1. It’s actually quite hard to be a dirtbag these days, and not just because everyone is having babies. You can only stay in Camp 4 for seven days! That’s not even long enough to get

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