Screams from the Balcony (5.11b)

Screams from the Balcony (5.11b)

Screams from the Balcony (5.11b Mixed Sport/Trad) has got to be one of the best routes in the Lake Louise area. The last pitch of this climb is simply the most stunning pitch of rock climbing I have ever done, period. And I’ve climbed a lot of rock! The final crux pitch pulls five intimidating stepped roofs with extreme exposure and the imposing north face of Mount Temple as the backdrop. NOTE: The book says each pitch has bolted station, don’t believe it! Only the last two pitches have bolted stations. For the rest, you seem to be on your own. Bring extra gear and cordellete …


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  1. Man I’m stoked to climb screams! Looks absolutely incredible! Nice post brah

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