Red Bull Climbers Suck

Red Bull Climbers Suck

Some pro climbers are willing to do just about anything to fund their lifestyles; different dogs, same old bone. Rock climbers who accept sponsorships from disreputable companies like Red Bull embarass themselves and the sport they represent. Red Bull is one of the most notable sponsors of adventure sports and also the most abominable. Numerous studies have shown the harmful effects of Red Bull on the human body, yet pro climbers like Alex Megos, Will Gadd and David Lama continue to promote it. Anyone who claims this stuff is healthy is more full of shit than a campground outhouse. I understand these are popular, charismatic people who could charm the fangs off a snake, but that shouldn’t win them a free pass for ethics. I doubt Will Gadd chugs a Red Bull before clambering up WI6 ice! To watch Megos, Lama, Gadd and others fawning at the feet of Mammon just to score a few extra bucks for their next climbing trip makes me sick to my stomach. The amount of harm done to young people who admire these hero climbers and begin ingesting toxic substances is incalculable. They may as well accept sponsorships from Phillip Morris – and in fact they probably would! Maybe they could even borrow a slogan from the Marlboro Man; ‘Red Bull tastes good like chemicals should.’ Promoting cigarette smoking may even be more ethical than promoting Red Bull because the harmful effects of nicotine are widely known, whereas the side effects of taurine and other Red Bull ingredients have been less publicized. With climbing making its debut in the Olympics soon, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Megos, Gadd and company pimping McDonalds or Pepsi Cola. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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