Kashmir (5.11c) – Kashmir Wall Squamish

Kashmir (5.11c) – Kashmir Wall Squamish

Found ourselves by accident on the Kashmir Wall today climbing a random bolted route. We had no idea the grade and just started up. I was psyched to get the onsight. Turns out this was Kashmir (5.11c), fully bolted and 30 meters. It was a FANTASTIC climb, highly recommended, perfect rock.

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  1. Wow it would seem that many opinions are based on ruomur and pure conjecture. Allow me to issue a few corrections for the record.First point there are 9.5 million people who drive the StS highway which is substantially more tourists than Banff gets. Banff Park gets 3.2 million visitors each year thru the Trans Canada hwy. There are 500k people who stop at Shannon Falls and the Chief now, almost 100k more than the Banff Mtn gondola attracts in a year. The tourists AND locals AND other outdoor enthusiasts will use it because it is inexpensive and provides access. Just like Europe where they figured it out a long time ago, if only 5% of the population can ever get up 4000 ft of vertical to enjoy a mtn experience .then you don’t get people switched on to a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Access allows people to have an outdoor experience they would otherwise never have. How do you expect an urban society to give a damn about nature if they have zero connection to it are not inspired by it? 2nd point this is not a Disneyland ride. Clearly you haven’t been to Disneyland to make that comparison. Third point -Destroy a park? In what way? It already has 500k people crawling over it now with climbers cutting down trees, bolting steel into the rock, scampering hikers all over the Chief at a rate of 150k per year! Pristine wilderness it is not. Fourth point pay a bunch of climbing developers? Who pays? Already several new routes and a complete crag have been developed by climbers with hardware and access paid for by the developer. New hiking and biking trails, improved road access to Shannon Creek watershed, etc. Guess what, that is exactly what is happening at the top and beyond. You got your wish and you didn’t even know it.

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