13 Douchebag Moves To Pull At the Crag


1. Cajole a newbie into leading a hard route. Get creative – use peer pressure! 2. Bail off a route, then ask someone to rescue your draws. ‘You’re gonna climb it too, right??’ 3. Eat someone’s Cliff Bar 4. Set up a toprope on a popular sport route on a busy weekend, then work the shit out of the route ... Read More »

I’m an ACMG Guide! WOOHOO!


by JESSE JAMES …. I always wanted to be a guide. Oh, the glory. The pride. The fame (well, maybe not). But as you might guess from my experiences teaching newbie friends, I wasn’t quite ready for my ACMG guide exam. I wasn’t even ready for the pre-test. Maybe not even for the pre-pre-test. I could climb hard enough, sure. ... Read More »