Ghost River Wilderness

Attacked by Hornets in the Ghost River, Jumped Off a Cliff to Get Away!


Our plans to climb Booty Loader (5.12c) in the ghost were thwarted when i sauntered onto a ground nest of hideously aggressive hornets, to which i am allergic. one of the bastards mauled me so i dove down a very steep talus embankment, tumbling a good 50 meters with five or six of the beasts in hot pursuit. Got pretty ... Read More »

Dreams of Verdon (5.12a) – Ghost River Wilderness


Holy shit!! Best multipitch sport climb EVER!! Incredible climbing up immaculate gently overhanging limestone. All bolts. The book says ‘old school’ bolting but I didn’t find it scary – maybe if you ONLY climb sport you might get a little spooked, but the falls are totally safe. No gear required at all. The rappels were terrifying; heavy wind, hard to ... Read More »