Free Soloing

Free Soloing Talking Holds


Jesse James soloing Talking Holds, overhanging 5.10 hand crack in the Squamish Smoke Bluffs .. Read More »

Free Soloing on McTech Arete


We unroped for some fun free soloing on the Bugaboos classic McTech Arete .. Read More »

Abi Rescued off Penny Lane During Free Solo Attempt


Abi went for an ambitious free solo of Penny Lane but had to be rescued by a nearby climber when she was unable to climb up through the crux or reverse the moves back down. It was am ambitious attempt. Read More »

Abi Soloing Corner Crack (5.8)


Abi free soloing Corner Crack (5.8) at Neat and Cool crag in Squamish. The first time she climbed it free solo we all thought she would fall. Looked a bit more solid this time. Read More »

Skaha Free Solo


Abi free soloing a sweet little 5.7 or 5.8 crack in Skaha .. Read More »

West Ridge of Pigeon Spire – Bugaboos Classic


After getting weathered off the approach to the Beckey-Chouinard the day before our successful ascent, we slogged dejectedly back to camp in search of a consolation prize; the West Ridge of Pigeon, a classic 5.4 ridge traverse that none of us had ever climbed. We started soloing at 6pm and were up and down the mountain in under an hour. ... Read More »