CLimbing Poems

To Abigail, Mountaineer Extraordinaire


When first we met, you hardly could climb You couldn’t tell a col from a nursery rhyme In no time at all, you determined to lead, The only thing lacking was your skills and your speed Stouthearted and bold, you untied from the rope Then people looked up, and said ‘who’s that dope?’ Free solo and sketch, we all thought ... Read More »

‘The Classic’ – Rock Climbing Poem

The guidebook marked it ‘classic’ The FA called it ‘boss’ Above me on the starting pitch – One hundred feet of choss. My parter froze with mouth agape The looseness gave him pause Handing him the rack I grinned ‘Ain’t nothing but some moss.’ Halfway up that awful pitch He pulled a piece of choss Tumbling down the rotten face ... Read More »